For JIAHERB, quality comes first. A multilayered quality management system exists at the core of our business. Our Quality Control and Assurance team consisting of highly qualified scientist and technicians, using the most advanced equipment to carry out analytical testing to ensure transparency, purity, and safety of all of our ingredients throughout every production stage.

Our in-house laboratories are equipped with a complete range of sophisticated analytical instrumentation including HPLC,GC,UV,ICP-MS,GC/LC- MS- MS,HPTLC,IR,PPSL and SFE.

Being in an industry faced with growing demand for cheaper products, it can be tempting to take shortcuts to boost competitiveness. But at JIAHERB, we know that any shortcomings in product quality will cause irreversible damage to the JIAHERB name.

To achieve assurance, we practice the highest quality and safety standards on a day to day basis. Our certifications and accreditations, like ISO, NSF, and/or other standards that govern our processes and quality team, we are able to supply our customers with documentation and traceability.